Monday, March 6, 2017

 Division Unit
This Division Unit is ready for you!! This has everything you need for your division fourth grade math unit. This could also be easily adapted for 3rd and 5th grades as well. It has assessments, an extended response question, 10 practice printables, 10 math centers, and an "I CAN" statement for your board!

The following is what is included: 
Teacher Notes

Division Assessments: 
Division Assessment
Division Extended Response Question: Wedding Bells

Division Practice: 
Division Terms Practice
Division Picture Practice
Division Patterns Practice
Two-Digit Division Remainder Practice
Multi-Digit Division Practice
Multi-Digit Division Practice
Multi-Digit Division with Remainders Practice
Multi-Digit Division Word Problems Practice
Multi-Digit Division Spin
Cut & Paste Division Practice

Division Math Centers:
Division Bump Games
Racing through the Distributive Property 
Division Race
"I have who has..."
Pizza Making Game 
Bake me a Cake Game
Division Scoot
Division Task Cards
Fill up the Silo Game
Design Santa’s Workshop 

Division “I Can” Statement

Enjoy!! :) 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Are you ready for your students to race through the distributive Division property? These activities are designed to inspire, challenge and push your students to be their best in a fun creative way! 

Students are given a mat and they are to use base ten blocks or counters to make their arrays. They are then going to race through their division problem breaking in up into 2 different arrays (given them the distributive property)! WooHoo!! How fun, right?! I have included a boy and girl version of the mat. You can use this as a center activity and just use a sleeve protector and write with dry-erase markers. An example is also included to show students before they begin the center. 

You can give them the division problem if you are working on this as a whole group, or allow them to use playing cards if used for a math center. 

What is included: 
-2 Racing through the Distributive Property Mats (boy & girl) to use with counters or base 10 blocks
-Example Mat 
-24 Playing Cards
-2 Racing through the Distributive Property Mats (boy & girl) to use with graph paper (assessment version)
-2 making arrays using the distributive property practice (8)
-Distributive Property practice problems (10)

Division: Racing through the Distributive Property